Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, CA 1966

Upon my completion of Advanced Infantry Training (ITR) at Camp LeJeune (Camp Geiger) in North Carolina I received orders for my Military Occupation Specialty (MOS) School at Camp Pendleton, California.

My 2511 specialty required my training as a field wireman in wire school. The following series of photos were taken at that location in the Spring/Summer of 1966. Upon completion of my MOS training, I was assigned, on a temporary basis, to the base communications unit. Below are photos of my training as well as other pix of friends and some of things we did to occupy the time while away from home.


Relief after passing the pole climbing test!

Leaning to the right and left are some of the criteria you are graded on

The practice sessions were tough

The first time leaning back is a bit daunting

Bob, K8NY, outside Communication barracks getting ready for some sunbathing

Good friend Frenchie from New Orleans running field wire tests.

Splicer demoing laying up a line splice

One of the Base Comm Sergeants setting up splice

Testing field radio gear

One of the better attractions at Camp Pendleton was their horseback riding course. The Marine Corps had a stable of horses which offered Marines the opportunity to ride through the hills and passes located on the base. A 2 hour ride with a group cost .65 cents. What a bargain. Here, one of our buddies gets ready for a ride. The kids shown are children of the Marines stationed on base.


Three of my NY buddies. (l to r) Mike Wood, Artie Schwartz and Hank Severino.

Artie doing a handstand at Redendo Beach.


New York Privates (l to r) Greenfield, Severino, Schwartz, Mc Williams and Wood. outside our barracks getting ready for liberty weekend. Check out the casual '60's style fashion statement!

Fortunate Marines from our location granted Liberty privileges line up for weekend Liberty cards.

Some of the Marines stationed with us at our barracks

Marines arriving our area. April '66

K8NY outside barracks area

K8NY and buddy at field switchboard in the Pendleton Hills....HOT!

Mike Wood at Huntington Beach

Camp Pendleton, CA

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