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Photos of our Family in the 70's
Camera - Honeywell Pentax Spotmatic SLR
Lens - Takumar 55mm 1.4


Brother Pete and Sallie's Sister Tara - Levittown, NY 1965
Camera - Agfa 35mm Rangefinder

Sallie at Ft. Dix, NJ visiting brother Ed in Army Basic Training 1970

Baby Elisa & Sallie - Jan, 1970 Selden NY


                                                   Mom, Dad & Sallie Feb, 1970

Sallie and Baby Robert - Long Island Game Farm Summer 1971

Sallie, Elisa and Rob - Backyard -Selden NY Spring 1971

Elisa and Sallie - Upstate NY Summer 1972

Getting ready for cousin's wedding in Boston, 1973
Top L to R - Brother Pete, Sallie, Mom, Dad, Aunt Sue, Uncle Frank
Bot L to R - Rob, Elisa, Karen, Frankie, Mrs. Scaffidi (Sue's Mom)

Family in Boston, Summer, 1973

Elisa, Sallie - Christmas, 1973


Rob, Dad, Elisa
Long Island Game Farm, Summer, 1975

Elisa - Home
Selden, LI Summer, 1975

Rob, Sallie , Elisa at Smith's Point Beach, Long Island Summer 1975

Rob, Baby Jeanne, Sallie & Elisa
Back Yard, Selden LI, Autumn 1975

Sallie & Jeanne - Backyard
Selden, NY 1977

Sallie & Jeanne - New Hampshire, Summer 1978

Sallie & Jeanne - Cathedral Ledge, N Conway, NH   Autumn, 1978

Jeanne, Backyard - Selden, LI Summer 1978