Tower and Antennas

The antenna and tower arrangement at my QTH is a Triex LM-354HD heavy duty crank-up/tilt over and a 20' molybdenum mast. I am currently usimg a 4 Element SteppIR Yagi at 70'.


This Triex LM-354HD is a motorized crank-up tower which allows the user to raise and lower the tower quickly. The tower itself extends to 54' and retracts to 21'. Of course the large mast makes it impractical to work on the antenna system in the nested position so the tiltover accessory is utilized to tilt the tower to a near horizontal position.

Motor, transmission and spindle reel

The tiltover cradle affords you the ability to work on your antenna array at a near ground level. Triex provides a beefy, but expensive, tiltover cradle as an accessory to the tower. The tower is actually nested into the cradle and, of course, fastened with large bolts to the base fixture. When the operator wishes to tilt the tower, it must first be cranked down, then bolts removed from the base fixture and then tilted. The tower actually pivots on 2 hinges at the top of the tiltover cradle and is cranked with a winch into tiltover position. I have modified the winch drive nut and now drive it with a Milwaukee 1/2" drill and can tilt it over in 30 seconds. I then use a 10' fiberg;ass step ladder to work on the system.

Base unit and tiltover cradle

Kenwood Twins


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