K8NY - Bugs, Keys and Paddles


I have always loved CW. I guess being a Novice who had to learn the code well to pass the General requirement (13 wpm at that time) and staying on CW even after I had my General (didn't have the wherewithal for a phone rig) helped me become proficient in the code. You know, when you only have one mode available and you are 'hard up' for a contact, you'll become proficient and learn to make qso's with that mode. In my opinion, I believe some of the no CW 'whiner' crowd are just an undisciplined lot who are into instant gratification. Having taught many, many code courses to countless hams with successful results, the process is simple. Put in the time and Practice.

Anyway, here are some of the keys I presently own.

Listen to N3xx work me on 6 meter CW with heavy aurora

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Vibroplex Presentation Bug

This is my original I bought from Grand Central Radio, Manhattan in 1963. I used it through 1976 when I modified it to work as a paddle! I have since restored it back to its original configuration. It is an original 833 Broadway model.

Vibroplex Deluxe Bug

I picked this bug up at a Hamfest a few years ago, it came with an original Vibroplex carry case. The guys selling it knew what it was worth so they got a fair price for it. Also an original 833 Broadway model.

Bencher RJ-2

The RJ-2 is a decent hand key from Bencher. Features include oil-impregnated sintered bronze bearing pivot points which help in true pivoting of the actuator.

Bencher BY-2

The BY-2 is a popular paddle for many cw ops. Unfortunately it really is not a good paddle from the standpoint of soft 'mushy' feel and an inability to closely maintain contact space.

Vibroplex Code Warrior Jr.

The Code Warrior Jr. is a good portable key and I use mine strictly in my mobile. The quality on the construction of this key is very poor in all aspects but the feel of the magnetic contact tension is good.

Ham Key HK-1

The Ham Key HK-1 is an old paddle form the 70's. It was sold with a keyer, the Ham Key Keyer, and was a means for cw enthusiasts to try a paddle and keyer without a large monetary outlay. I use this setup for running my Kenwood Twins.


Schurr Profi-2

The Profi-2 is one of the top paddles in the world. It is made in Germany by Gehrhard Schurr and is truly representative of old world craftsmanship and attention to detail. It comes with a beautiful lacquered finish and a solid thick brass base. The feel of this key is crisp and I am able to adjust it for tight contact spacing. It utilizes magnetic contact tension which I feel is the superior contact tension mode.

link to US sales

link to Schurr site in Germany

March Magnetic R-3a

I believe the March Magnetic R-3a to be one of the finest paddles ever made. Probably the best feel of all the top quality paddles and quietness of operation yet a solid but not overbearing contact make and break. The closeness of contact gap is imperceptible yet it holds the gap and further readjustment is just not necessary. Since buying this paddle in August of 2002, my Schurr is now my backup. Lacquer finish base and fine level machining make this key a top runner. What a great piece of work from Mike March, K4QU link to website