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February 2010 Mega Storms

On Feb 5th and 6th the Washington, DC area (including my qth in Eastern WV) experienced a 36" (92cm) snowstorm. The photos below show the results of this storm. Five days later (10 Feb) we had an another storm dumping an additional 12"(31cm) on top of the first storm totals. Unfortunately the temperatures have not risen above 0C so most of the snow has not yet melted (17 Feb). Total Snow In Charles Town was 48" (123cm) in 5 days!

One End of Driveway Which Empties Into the Road (Pembroke Way)


Partial View of Front Lawn Viewed From Garage


View From Front Porch at 1:00 PM, 6 Feb - Saturday


Kubota Taking a Break After Clearing Driveway Again!


Cleared Driveway at 4:00PM (one auto still buried under snow) , 6 Feb - Saturday


Pembroke Way at 5:00PM, 6 Feb - Saturday


Pembroke Way - Sunday 7 Feb

Side Yard - Sunday 7 Feb

Drivewa with buried auto (left) - Sunday 7 Feb




Locomotive Diesel Snow Plow on Main Track - Friday 12 Feb



Snow Sculpture Front Porch - Sunday 7 Feb