WA2KBU and K8NY 
Official Observer Reports

Well, as you can see here, I have listed 8  OO reports I have received. I cannot find the FCC citation I was given as a Novice back in 1960. It was for spurious signals in the 6800 - 6999 band. The old homebrew transmitter my Elmer had lent me had a problem and, having no test equipment or the know how to diagnose that problem,  I never used it again.

1968 Card sent to my Long Island QTH. Apparently my CW signal was 'drifty'. I guess that old NCX-3 VFO might have been a bit unstable.








2004 Card letting me know that my 756PRO audio with EQ was clean and within accepted bandwidth.











2002 Card telling me my practice of QRL before transmitting a CW - CQ was a good practice and set an example for others. Well I think everyone should listen and ask before they transmit.










2004 Card letting me know that I was courteous to foreign amateurs and compliant wiith other hams. Thanks!














2012 Card While working Randy, KK7TV











2014 Card While working my good friend Ben, OZ5ONE















2011 Card wishing well
















Another 2011 card from an OO thanking me for helping out.