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IOTA EU045 - Isola di Ponza - Pontine Islands

16-17 Oct ,1999

On one of our vacation trips to Europe, I was fortunate to be able to work from the Island of Ponza in the Mediterranean Sea (Tyrrhenian Sea) off the coast of Italy. Two amateurs and fellow members of the Crazy DX Group made this trip possible, Marco (IK0HWI) and Renzo (IK0IZW). Their hospitality and generosity toward my family and me was truly unbelievable. They arranged everything and afforded me the opportunity to operate from an IOTA locale as IB0/K8NY.

When Marco and I arrived on the island (we had his auto transported on a ferry on Saturday morning from the town of Terracina - the hometown of my grandparents and where my family was staying) we visited with a property owner that Marco had an arrangement with and we were able to rent for two days a wonderful home high above the port city (with fantastic views).

At this point in time Renzo was unable to join us but he would follow the next day. Marco had all his gear in his car which included his 14AVQ vertical, a 500w amplifier and his Icom 706G. I also brought with me my IC706G. Additionally I brought my paddle so we were able to work some CW mostly on the standard IOTA frequencies. We installed the vertical (elevated) on the patio of the home and extended radials for all the bands. Then we setup all the gear inside and got the amplifier running (400w Max legal limit). We worked 40 through 10 including 17 and 12 both SSB and CW. On Sunday morning we were joined by Renzo who was able to take a Hydrofoil ship from Anzio Harbor to Ponza. Renzo helped me work CW on 40, 20 and 15.

Our operation started at about 12:30 PM local time and we ceased operation about 12:00 local time the following day (17 Oct). During that period of time we worked approx 1300 qso's - not bad in less than 24 hours including 6 hours off for sleep. It was wonderful to have Marco and Renzo with me, nothing like having locals who speak the language and know the culture of the people we are dealing with on the island. Marco and I took some time off to eat dinner on Saturday and went down into the town to have some espresso and then later, some pizza!

Joining us with Renzo on Sunday morning, some of my family members (xyl Sallie, one of my daughters, Jeanne and my son Robert) arrived at the port. They were fortunate to find our location and we had lunch with them after ceasing the operation. My son Robert had the opportunity of renting a motorscooter and toured the entire island discovering some interesting locations. At noontime we said farewell to Renzo as he had to leave for the ship back to Anzio and we boarded our ship bound for Terracina. At the dock in Terracina we were greeted by my Mom and Dad as well as two other local hams from the Crazy DX group, Luigi - IK0QDM and Alessio - IZ0CKJ who were friendly, wonderful guys.

I will always have fond memories of the hospitality shown to us by these fellow amateurs and of the wonderful time we had on the Island of Ponza.





Marco IK0HWI and Renzo IK0IZW operating IB0/K8NY Island of Ponza

Oct '99

The Island of Ponza Port



Faraglioni Lucia Rosa


Grotto del Core

Grotto Ponza Pilato

Ponza calafonte


Arco Naturale

Cluster Spots for IB0/K8NY  16-17 Oct 1999

ON5FP 21250.0 IB0/K8NY EU 045 1125 16 Oct Italy
N8BJQ 21250.0 IB0/K8NY IOTA EU45 IIA LT01 PONZA IS. 1153 16 Oct Italy
IZ0CKJ 21250.0 IB0/K8NY EU045 1204 16 Oct Italy
MM0BQI 21265.0 IB0/K8NY   1233 16 Oct Italy
KA2MIN 28463.0 IB0/K8NY IOTA EU45 1249 16 Oct Italy
DL3VZL 21254.0 IB0/K8NY IOTA EU-045 QSL via home call 1321 16 Oct Italy
WA3L 21255.0 IB0/K8NY GO Purdue 1422 16 Oct Italy
W6TK 21264.7 IB0/K8NY EU45 1522 16 Oct Italy
IK0QDB 21265.0 IB0/K8NY Ponza Is. IIA LT-01 1534 16 Oct Italy
EA7DPU 21265.0 IB0/K8NY IOTA EU-045 1542 16 Oct Italy
AD1C 28476.9 IB0/K8NY IOTA EU-045 1606 16 Oct Italy
W1LRY 28477.0 IB0/K8NY EU-45 1637 16 Oct Italy
IZ0CKJ 21265.8 IB0/K8NY IOTA EU45 PONZA IS. IIA LT1 1658 16 Oct Italy
IK0IZW 14263.8 IB0/K8NY Eu-045 1751 16 Oct Italy
IZ0CKJ 14263.8 IB0/K8NY IOTA EU45 IIA LT1 P O N Z A 1751 16 Oct Italy
YO5BRZ 14263.0 IB0/K8NY EU 045 1840 16 Oct Italy
IK7YCE 14259.0 IB0/K8NY EU-045 OP.IK0HWI QSL>K8NY 1922 16 Oct Italy
DL3VZL 18078.0 IB0/K8NY IOTA EU-045 QSL home call 0400 17 Oct Italy
G3MCS 14257.4 IB0/K8NY IOTA EU-045 cq cq 0642 17 Oct Italy
ON5NT 14257.3 IB0/K8NY IOTA 0710 17 Oct Italy
DH5MM 14257.5 IB0/K8NY sri, corr. call 0716 17 Oct Italy
W3QO 14257.5 IB0/K8NY IOTA EU045 Loud into FL 0724 17 Oct Italy
IK8HRZ 7061.0 IB0/K8NY   0809 17 Oct Italy
G4UJS 14265.0 IB0/K8NY IOTA EU-045 0859 17 Oct Italy
G0HDB 21003.1 IB0/K8NY IOTA EU-045 I think 1002 17 Oct Italy
OZ2ECS 21003.1 IB0/K8NY   1021 17 Oct Italy
IZ8CJC 14260.4 IB0/K8NY EU-45 1126 17 Oct Italy
DH5MM 14260.5 IB0/K8NY eu: 45 1134 17 Oct Italy
HA2RD 14260.5 IB0/K8NY Isl.Poza EU045 1142 17 Oct Italy
DH5MM 14260.3 IB0/K8NY eu:45 Isl. Poza 1153 17 Oct Italy