4 Element SteppIR Installation at K8NY - Nov, 2010

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Element Housing Unit - EHU

EHU Stepper motor shaft and sprockets


Stepper motor shaft, sprockets and Berrylium/Copper tape

Tightening Screws and Nuts on EHU


Milwaukee 1/2" Drill - driving winch enabling tower tilt

Tower in "Tilt" position and tractor - trailer help transport needed items from the shed


Neighbor "Ed" tightening Boom to Mast Plate on Antenna Boom

Neighbor "Ed" pulling new coax, rotor and SteppIR cables underground from basement of home to tower location


Connecting the 16 conductor cable to the 4 EHU's

Using Penetrox Al-Al and Al-Cu joint compound


One half of the 4 elements ready to go

The SteppIR listening towards Europe for DX RagChew!

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