4 El Steppir Retrofit to a Steppir DB32

October 2012


Having discovered that a 2 element 40/30 meter upgrade was now available for my 4 element Steppir, I thought I would order it and retrofit the antenna. Although this upgrade is not mentioned in the Steppir literature, after many requests from 4 element Steppir owners, the folks there have made it available. The following photo show is a short documentation of the upgrade.

Getting Prepared for Retrofit:

Removing 2 existing elements for retrofit replacement

Initial tilting of tower

Continue tilting tower over


Tower now in tiltover position. I am working on removing the existing elements and Element Housing Units from a ground level position. As is visible here, the old element to housing boot is in excellent condition as were all the existing elements, housings and boots




Exisitng element vinyl tape wrap - obviously in great condition after 2 years of UV exposure







Element boot close-up

EHU removed - Interior view




Close-up of interior EHU which was just removed- From these photos, it is obvious that the interior of the existing Steppir housing units were in excellent condition



New Steppir 2 element 40/30 meter retrofit parts

New 40/30 mtr parts displayed. Notice the 8 new fiberglass element tubes which will be built with the composite "sweeps" to form 2 new completed trombone elements. New boots as well as 2 new Steppir housing units and all associated hardware are included.


Close-up of new parts. In the center the small box marked "Chip DB32" contains the new eprom for the Steppir controller box. The retrofit requires the removal of the existing 44 pin chip and replacing it with the new one. The retrofit kit also contains a chip removal tool for this process


Interior view of new 40/30 EHU


Close-up Interior view of new 40/30 EHU

Close-up view motor shaft and reels. The new longer Copper Berrylium tapes are visible as are the sprockets and motor shafts. The new PCB connector is also displayed - lower right corner



New Steppir DB32 (4el 20-6mtr / 2el 40-30mtr) Yagi

Ready to ROCK&ROLL

Close-up of new DB-32 Steppir

CQ Forty....CQ Forty de K8NY


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