Wedding Pictures - Bob and Sallie - May 20, 1967

St. Fidelis Church, Queens, NY


Aunt Millie, Dad, Mom and Uncle Ed smiling in anticipation of the event


Aunt Millie, Dad, Mom and Uncle Frank posing for the photo opportunity


Aunt Sue and Aunt Rose helping Bob get ready for the wedding

Mom and Bob getting ready

Starr, Bob and Ed just waiting patiently


Sallie's Dad, Phil, Sallie, Pat and Evie at the foot of the stairs just before entering the church


Phil and Sallie entering the church



Sallie and Bob after the nuptial ceremony with Sister Evie looking on


The Princess, Sallie, as Mrs. Robert Senesi


Bob and Sallie, husband and wife

   Sallie and Bob on a warm May afternoon

 Sister Pat, Maid of Honor and Brother Ed, Best Man



Sister Evie, Bride's Maid and Starr Davis, Usher


  Sallie, Bob and Evie at Wedding Reception in College Point


 Sallie and Bob discussing at Reception