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USB WinKey at K8NY

In Dec, 2011 I purchased a WinKey Keyer Kit from K1EL. Since I have decided to run N1MM software on my PC the USB WinKey Keyer is a natural CW interface (HostMode) from the PC to the transceiver and is totally programmable from the PC.

One of the other nice features is that the keyer functions as a perfect standalone keyer. The command set included for both HostMode and standalone is extremely robust allowing the user to set everything from speed, weighting, memories(6) to keying modes, serial number, HSCW and QRS (and more!)

PCB is a quality board. There are approx. 50 items to solder, mostly resistors, caps and diodes as well as jacks and connectors .


Back view of the board with the PTT and CW jacks, USB jack and Key jack. The PCB is mounted to the case and the enclosure top and bottom screw together.


Battery holder (for standalone mode) and Speed pot mounted on enclosure.


Keyer front view with Command and memory switches on top.


Keyer rear view with paddle connected.

WinKey on shelf, March paddle and 7600.