The K8NY Story

WV2KBU Novice Card from 1960 when I lived in our Brooklyn, NY tenement. The rig back then was a Heathkit DX-20 CW transmitter and a surplus US Navy R-116 receiver. Antenna was a 40 meter dipole on the roof.

WA2KBU QSL card from 1963 when I still lived in our Brooklyn, NY tenement but was now a General class operator, WA2KBU. As you can see from the card, the qso was CW and the band was still 40 meters although I did have a crystal for the General portion of the band. Also notice that I was still using the DX-20 CW transmitter R-116 receiver. I used that rig for 4 years, guess that's why I love CW to this day!!

WA2KBU QSL from my QTH on Long Island. We lived at this location for 10 years.My rig was Heathkit 'Twins' SB 303 Rcvr and SB 401 Xmtr and a  homebrew linear amplifier 4-1000.

1999 QSL from here in Summit Point, WV


I was first licensed in December, 1959 as WV2KBU in Brooklyn NY at the age of 14. Operating from my small room in a Brooklyn tenement and using a 40M dipole, I was able to work many states both on 40 and 15 meter CW. The following year, after many contacts on CW and bringing my code speed up, I passed my General Class test and became WA2KBU. Although I was able to use 'phone' I didn't have a phone rig so I continued on CW for 3 additional years. What a great training ground and I guess this is why I still love cw.

After entering the work force in the early 1960's, I landed a job with NY Telephone Co. as an Installer/Repairman in Manhattan. Somewhat later I joined the US Marine Corps and, upon completion of my tour of duty, I rejoined the telephone company. My sweetheart, Sallie, and I were married in 1967 and moved to Suffolk County NY in 1968. I was fortunate to continue my education and attend Suffolk County Comm College and at this time I was able to reconstruct my ham station. While I was involved attending school, I was offered a position from Xerox Corp.

 The year 1970 brought two wonderful surprises for Sallie and me. Our first child Elisa was born in January and then our second, Robert, was born in November. With two little ones running around there wasn't much time for hamming although I was able to finally build some new gear (Heathhkit twins)and install my first tower with a triband beam and upgrade my ticket to Advanced. 1975 brought our third child, Jeanne, and even less time for hamming as it took many resources to raise a family.

In 1979 I was promoted to technical instructor and transferred to the Xerox Training Center in Leesburg, VA. We took up residence in nearby Charles Town, WV and went on with the godly process of raising our three children. The year 1980 saw me and my family dedicate our lives to Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. This marked a profound change in our lives and continues to this day. Since God, church and family took center stage in our lives, the only hamming I was able to do was occasionally operate on 2 meters.

Since then the children have grown, left the nest and have lives (and children) of their own. Sallie and I still dedicate time to our church and our commitment to the Lord but now have a bit more time on our hands. We have and continue to travel internationally as well as do some green thumbing and pursue other hobbies. I'm now able to spend a bit more time with "king of hobbies" and am enjoying my new HF/VHF station in Summit Point, WV.  

So that's the story, hope to meet you one day, 'down the log'.

 Bob   K8NY

Current QSL (Jun, 2012)


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