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The Schurr Profi II paddle is the best paddle I have ever owned. It is smooth, quick and accurate. The paddle is made in Germany by Gerhard Schurr, DH2SAA, an oldtime craftsman who seriously pursues quality. His site is at Shurr Key(in German only) or view the Morse Express site at Morse Express. If you view this site, please checkout the photo of Gerhard and his motto!

Shurr Profi II Paddle

I purchased the ICOM IC746 in May of 1998 as I returned to Ham Radio after 19 years of HF inactivity. The 746 has phenomenal sensitivity and, with cascaded filters, excellent selectivity. I believe it is the best value in Amateur Radio at the current time.

IC 746, Bencher Paddle and Pwr Supply

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