WA2KBU Log Pages from 1971, Long Island, NY

I used to meet with some of the Hams in the surrounding area on 20 meters (this was before 2 meter repeaters were utilized) and you can see a few entries in this page with John, WB2AII. Also note that there are a few DX entries here, mainly on CW. At this time the station consisted of an NCX-3 AM/SSB/CW  XCVR and a 2 element tribander.At this particular point in time, the sunspot cycle was just coming off peak.                                        


A Log page from my Ameco log book from year 1972. Was getting out fairly well with 2 el beam on roof of our home on Long Island, NY


One of my Ameco Log Books circa 1972. Do you remember when Ameco logs were 50 cents and ARRL logs were 75 cents?

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